Spice Up Your Health for the Holidays

Adapted from Carra Richling’s original article

Tucked into some of our favorite holiday dishes is a secret gift for our health. The savory aroma of many traditional holiday delights comes from spices, which are filled with nutrients that help suppress cancer, prevent or manage diabetes, enhance our immunity and much more.


A holiday star, essential in mulled cider and baked goods, cinnamon may help reduce the risk of heart disease along with other possible benefits such as blood and cholesterol levels.

Summer Grilling for a Healthy Heart

Adapted from Carra Richling’s original article

Grilling is a great way to cook delicious, heart-healthy food without added fat, and without losing an ounce of flavor. Grilling brings out and intensifies the flavor of tofu, tempeh, veggie burgers, vegetables – and even fruit – by offering a smoky and robust flavor, along with a hearty texture from the grill.

Grilling for a Healthy Heart!

Pictured: Pulled Pork-less BBQ Sandwich (recipe below)

Wellness Tips Adapted from Ornish Living Magazine

Memorial Day is an important day of remembrance – but also one of gathering. A classic American tradition is getting together for a family barbecue or picnic – and with summer approaching, there is no better time to be outdoors!

Your Guide for Holiday Heart Health!

Christmas and New Years are often a time for gathering, for family, and for celebration. It's a joyous time for many – but even the most memorable holidays can be fraught with chaos and stress. After all, it’s tough to unwind when there are presents to purchase, meals to prepare, and parties to plan. Without taking time off for yourself, you might just find yourself rushing into the New Year as tired as you were before the holidays. Here are some tips that’ll help you unwind, as well as make each day a positive and productive one.