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Get to Know Your Grains - the Best, the Worst, & Why It Matters

Photo: Hands holding grains in the shape of a heart

You’ve probably heard that you should eat lots of whole grains and we agree—but not all grains are in the same class. Read on to find out how many servings of grains you should be striving for in your daily diet, and just as importantly, which ones.

Essential Oils for A Good Night’s Sleep

Photo: Lavendar Oil

What essential oils are great for a good night's sleep? Below is a quick list from Carmela.

DIY Natural Household Cleaners

Buying or making your own Natural Household Cleaners can help you and your ohana avoid chemicals - especially harsh chemicals - that can negatively effect our bodies and the environment.

Navigating the Non-dairy Milk Aisle

Photo: Cashew Milk

Gone are the days of the only non-dairy milk options being soy or rice milk. More and more people are drinking non-dairy milk because of personal preferences and allergies and intolerances to cow’s milk.

Keep Your Home Clean without Contaminating the Earth

Photo: Green Cleaning Supplies

Everyone appreciates a clean home. We scrub and spray and wash using many different products to achieve a sparkling environment. However, while we may be getting rid of mold and dirt, we might also be expelling a plethora of toxic gases and contaminants into our home and our bodies, many of which can eventually make their way into the soil and water of the earth.

The Toxic Price of Leather

Animal skins

When we consider livestock, we usually think of meat… but leather production is a major and lucrative component of the slaughter industry, with its own grim record of pollution and harm to the environment and to human health.

Out With the Toxic and in With the Healthy

Simple changes in your household cleaning products can reduce the potential for toxic exposure in your home. There are easy steps that you can take to identify and eliminate these hazardous yet common household chemicals, and replace them with safer, healthier choices.

Take a “household toxins” tour and pay attention to the following:

Stay Healthy in an Emergency with Natural First-Aid

Photo: Elderberry

Natural remedies can help you in a pinch. While they are not a substitute for a regular first aid kit, they are a great addition.

Here are some remedies that are helpful to have on hand:

  • Calendula homeopathic gel is awesome on burns, cuts and scratches. It relieves pain almost instantly and helps prevent infection.

Natural Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito season is in full swing, and Down to Earth wants you to remain bite-free, naturally. There are countless bug repellents on the market today, but the majority of them contain harmful insecticides such as DEET.

Celebrate a Clean and Toxic-free Life: 10 Easy Ways to Go Organic this Month

September is National Organic Harvest Month and we at Down to Earth want to celebrate with you! Below are a few easy ideas to help you incorporate more organic foods into your life and have fun doing it.