Kombucha for Health

By now, you’ve probably heard of kombucha, the popular fermented beverage that’s taken the health world by storm. The slightly slimy, vinegar-like concoction of tea, yeast and bacteria isn’t new; in fact, some believe it’s been around since the year 220 B.C. in Manchura.1

While it may not be pleasant to taste at first, advocates like the drink because of it’s possible health benefits, as it contains probiotics, vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants. The taste grows on you pretty fast!  It has become so popular that Down to Earth has begun offering Kombuch on tap.  We are currently selling Sky Wave Kombucha on tap at our Kailua and Pearlridge locations and will be introducing it at our Honolulu an Kapolei stores later this month.  Our Kahului store is selling Big Wave brand Kombucha on tap. It's a huge sucess!

Big Wave Organics and Sky Kombucha: Hawaiian Kombucha

GT's Synergy, one of the most popular national brands of kombucha, says their drink contains the probiotics S. boulardii and Lactobacillus, the latter of which can boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and aid skin disorders, among other benefits.2 The bacteria also promotes a healthy digestive tract.

Others use Kombucha as a possible at-home fix for things like acne, fatigue, hypertension, constipation or headaches.3 Kombucha has been shown to be high in B vitamins.4

Lack of certain B vitamins can lead to things like anemia, abdominal pain, depression, muscle cramps, respiratory infections, eczema and birth defects. Some natural health practitioners say B vitamins can help in the treatment of cancer.5

Kombucha can be made at home, but because it can be easily contaminated, some recommend sticking to store varieties.

Down to Earth’s kombucha on tap is available in a variety of flavors, such as ginger, lilikoi, strawberry and mint. Flavors can vary at different times. The cost is $4.99 for 16 oz, $6.99 for 24 oz, $8.99 for 32 oz and $32.99 for a gallon. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers for the larger sizes.

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