In a surprise move Burger King quickly responded to the complaint from the Hindu American Foundation concerning the use of a Hindu Goddess to promote their burgers, apologized, and stated it would cease the advertising campaign. Now if we could only get Burger King to apologize to all the cows they have killed and to all the people whose health they have damaged, and cease its mass cow killing, then maybe we could think that the folks over at Burger King are actually kind of good guys after all. Sensitivity to this situation on their part is a good start. The story from the Hindu American Foundation is as follows:

Washington D.C. (July 9, 2009) - Burger King Corporation, the international fast food chain, ceding to demands made by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) and its supporters, swiftly removed a Spanish advertisement campaign offensive to Hindus late yesterday. The print advertisement, which according to Burger King official was running in only a few restaurants in Spain as an -store advertisement to support a limited-time only promotion, used an image of the Hindu Goddess, Lakshmi, seated atop a meat sandwich, other foodstuffs and the tag line, "A snack that's sacred," in Spanish.

"Burger King Corporation values and respects all of its guests as well as the communities we serve...[the advertisement] was not intended to offend anyone." stated Denise Wilson, a Senior Communications Analyst at Burger King in a written statement made available to various press outlets. "Out of respect for the Hindu community, the in-store advertisement has been removed from the restaurants."