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Empowering Healthy Wahine

Picture: Three Smiling Healthy Women

Aloha Wahine! Whatever stage of life you’re in, we are honoring you this week during National Women’s Health Week.

In Appreciation of Wonderful Water!

Photo: Inside a wave

How wonderful is water? Our islands are surrounded by some of the most beautiful ocean waters in the world. Every living being depends on pure, fresh water to survive. The plants that fuel our bodies and can give us health need clean water for growth, too. Let’s take some time this week in honor of World Water Day to express our heartfelt appreciation for water!

Why Gut Health is Your BFF

Photo: Woman with heart hands over her stomach

Imagine your gut is like a bustling city inside you, with trillions of residents – tiny microbes that are invisible to the eye and just doing their thing. They’re not just freeloading, though; they’re hard at work. They help digest your food, sure, but they’re also like the unsung heroes behind your immune system, your mood, and even how well you sleep.

Our Product Standards- Only the Cleanest & Best for You!

Picture: Washing Tomatoes

Kick the junk to the curb and get clean! This isn’t about tidying up your garage, but rather rethinking what’s on your plate. Down to Earth is here to inspire you as your source for the cleanest and healthiest foods on the planet.

Mahalo Oko'a Farms!

On National Farmers Day (and every day), get to know, love, and support your local organic grower!

The Sports Performance Advantages of a Plant-based Diet

Photo: Triathlete Running out of the Ocean

Can athletes that don’t eat meat really be top competitors? Just ask tennis champs Serena and Venus Williams, NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul, Formula One legend Lewis Hamilton, Gold Medal Olympian runner Carl Lewis, or pro surfer Tia Blanco.

Wonderful Ramen

Photo: A man holding chopsticks with ramen noodles over a steaming bowl

It’s quite possible that ramen is the most perfect meal. In just one simple bowl you get filling noodles, comforting soup, a medley of spices, sauces, and veggies, plus other toppings of your choice. Ramen is versatile and totally personalize-able.

Earth, Health, and Budget-Friendly Eating

Photo: Vegetable Skewers

Most people have one of these main concerns: money, health, or the planet. You may even be seriously worried about all three!

Gifts of Wellness from the Sea

Photo: Ocean Wave

Our ocean friend, that surrounds these beautiful islands, gives us many gifts.

Got Milk? A Helpful Guide to Plant-based Milk

Photo: Milk Alternatives

Got milk? Even if you don't want to consume dairy products, milk can still be an important part of your diet with the abundance of plant-based choices available on Down to Earth's shelves.