If you have been following my blogposts about the Wienermobile and want to see what it is all about watch this video (video removed). This is one of the most successful efforts I have seen or could imagine that converts the brutal reality of a product, i.e., slaughtered pig and cow body parts, organs, blood, fat, and other miscellaneous scraps - neatly packaged in intestines - into innocent fun for kids and adults who like cool cars!

In a similar vein you can look at the packaging of meat products and see idealized paintings of contented looking cows eating grass, whereas the reality is that the cows live on crowded factory farms knee deep in sh*t and eat maize; they are trucked off to slaughterhouses where their bodies, their flesh, is turned into meat, with the scraps used in wieners.

Love Life! Love animals, don't eat them!

Mark Fergusson