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In the big news of the day the Wienermobile is in violation of state law and could be fined if it comes to Hawaii again, the fine for a first violation is between $200 - $1,000 and $5,000 for subsequent offenses. Hawaii apparently has a law that makes it illegal to promote the sale of wieners due to the innate cruelty involved in their production (slaughtered animals, intestines, all that stuff) and as they are so gross, disgusting and unhealthy, containing cancer causing nitrates and have a very high fat content... Well, not exactly, the law is just that you can't have a vehicle that has no purpose other than advertising.

“At 8 feet wide, 11 feet high and 27 feet long, the Wienermobile easily fits the definition of vehicular advertising as prohibited by a law passed in 2006 by the Hawaii Legislature,” The Outdoor Circle said in a statement.

“The Wienermobile is little more than a mobile billboard,” said Bob Loy, the activist group’s director of environmental programs. “It’s the kind of inappropriate advertising that is not permitted in our beautiful state.”

The Outdoor Circle has asked Kraft Foods, the parent company of Oscar Mayer, to keep the Wienermobile out of Hawaii in the future or “be prepared to face the consequences” provided by law.

According to the Outdoor Circle "Yeah, the Wienermobile is cute. It's got an attractive quality to it. I think anyone would agree with that, and that is part of the insidious nature of advertising," Loy said. "It appears to be one thing, when in fact it's another."

Wow, have Outdoor Circle been reading my blog or what? That is exactly what I have been saying! How the ugly reality of what a wiener is is hidden by the so called cuteness of the Wienermobile. Right on Outdoor Circle, way to go. Oh, wait a minute, they don't care about that, they are just talking about that the Wienermobile is illegal advertising.

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BTW the author of the Honolulu Advertiser article frankly thought this was an unusual beef and really relished writing the article. Kraft foods apparently said that the Wienermobile had a franktastic time while it was here in Hawaii.

Love life! Love animals, don't eat them.

Mark Fergusson