Aloha, there have been some interesting articles in the media this week. The first is that the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day (i.e. a small mountain), compared to the following recommended amounts advised by the American Heart Association "most women should limit their sugar intake to 100 calories, or about six teaspoons, a day; for men, the recommendation is 150 calories, or nine teaspoons" (and even this is probably more than actually needed). All this added sugar (generally highly refined - thus having any goodness removed e.g. corn syrup) has no nutritional value, all it adds is calories (according to Dr. Johnson a professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont).

The chief sources of added sugar in the diet include soft drinks. Soft drinks account for 33% of all added sugar consumed - I can never understand why people drink so much soda, when we can just drink water. Other sources are candy, desserts such as cakes and cookies, fruit drinks etc.

Reducing sugar intake will help people reduce their risk of heart disease by making it easier to achieve a healthy weight.

In today's paper there is a story about how obesity shortens life spans (big surprise). Not sure why we need to keep doing studies to figure this out, obviously being overweight or obese contributes to a host of health problems. In fact, there has been research performed that indicates waist size is one of the best indicators of longevity.

So one way to work on your weight is to just stop drinking soda. In addition to that, cut down, or better yet, eliminate the cakes, cookies, etc. (especially when made from highly processed grains and sweeteners) and fruit drinks (like fruit punches) etc.

One of our team members used to have a problem with being overweight, in a matter of months she suddenly lost a large amount of weight, so I asked her how did you do it. She said "I stopped eating chocolate". So it can be as easy as that, stop eating junk food full of sugar and you are sure to lose weight and be healthier and happier.

Love Life!

Mark Fergusson