Front page news today is about an ex-caretaker of 400 animals claiming he is the victim of a vendetta by the Humane Society. He and his wife operated a non profit animal shelter at Nanakuli, after his wife died it apparently got too much for him so he asked for help from the Oahu Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who came and got the animals. The SPCA does not euthanize animals, unlike the Humane Society, though the Humane Society state on their website in the Q & A's about this matter:

Question: What is the Humane Society’s euthanasia policy on animals?

Answer: We do not euthanize for space. We keep animals as long as we possibly can. In cases of rescues, we foster out the sick and unsocialized unless their health issues are untreatable or they pose a danger to people. Over the years, we have rescued thousands of animals with most finding new homes and families..

In another Q & A they raise the idea that the Nanakuli shelter operator's actions could be considered murder:

Question: I heard the rescue groups on the news say that there was no point to charging the abuser with cruelty. Why should he be allowed to get away with murder?

Answer: At the Hawaiian Humane Society, we don’t believe anyone should ever get away with neglect and cruelty. “Animal Haven” was a nonprofit that promoted itself as a “no-kill” shelter in which animals were found dead or dying on property. Photo and video evidence document the living conditions and animals that died in their cages on property before the rescue workers cleaned up the scene. Both the husband and wife were officers of this nonprofit organization.

So, of course, I had to start thinking, maybe the Humane Society should go down and investigate conditions at the local slaughterhouse, real mass murder is going on there, in fact they have a brutal production line made just for the purpose of killing thousands of animals a day.