The following excerpt is from Natural Foods Merchandiser's blog:

Store-bought vegetables are not as good for you as they were 40-50 years ago.

According to the USDA, fruits and vegetables were packed with far more nutrients back then than they are now.

Experts attribute the nutritional drop to hybrid breeding of crops, designed more for size and color and ability to survive transport, than nutritional value.

With the $25.2 billion supplement industry showing a 5 percent growth in the last year, perhaps many of us are aware that we can no longer eat enough food to get all the nutrients our bodies need. Monavie acai berry drink officials claim you would have to eat 7-9 peaches today to get the same level of nutrients from eating one peach in the 1950s.

Go to Mother Jones to click through a slideshow of fruits and vegetables “that have gone to seed,” according to the website.