A recent study predicts that the number of Americans with diabetes will double in the next 25 years to a staggering 44 million, leading to annual health care spending on diabetes of an even more staggering $336 billion. Diabetes is linked to obesity, poor diet, and lack of exercise - the modern American diet, full of highly processed and sugar-laden “food” is the main culprit. The answer to this devastating epidemic is simple, and common sense; people need to eat healthy organic and natural foods, and get regular exercise.

The current health care debate should be used as an opportunity to address the real issue and the real solutions. The real issue is not how to pay for treatment of disease; it is how to reduce the incidence of disease. And the answer lies in educating people on how to eat a healthy diet and on how to follow a health lifestyle, and making it so that healthier foods are more widely available.

The solution to many major diseases and the health care crisis confronting the nation are actually simple, but people either don’t see the simple truth, or just don’t want to change their diet and lifestyle.