On December 11, 2009 I blogged to share the great news, and to congratulate Tasty Bite, a delicious Indian, Thai and Pan-Asian ready to eat packaged food company, on their recent decision to discontinue the only flavor they had in their product line with animal products in it – a product that contained fish sauce. I mistakenly identified the discontinued product as containing beef, when in fact it actually contained fish sauce, not beef. I apologize for the error and any misunderstandings or wrong impressions it may have caused regarding this excellent company.

Tasty Bite in fact has never worked with any beef products, as they told us “this would be a compromise of beliefs regarding the sacredness of cows”.

You can be confident that their line is now totally vegetarian, all natural and many items are vegan and gluten free...and most of all delicious! Please try them soon and support this great ALL VEGETARIAN company.


To visit their website, go to: http://tastybite.com/