We are real excited as Tasty Bite, a delicious Indian, Thai and Pan-Asian ready to eat packaged food company recently discontinued the only flavor they had with animal products in it – a product that contained fish sauce.

We suggested they consider dropping it, they thought about it, and came back to us telling us that they had decided to drop it. Wow, great decision. They told us they and their team feel really good about this. No wonder Tasty Bite made the list of best companies to work for in India.

Down to Earth applauds Tasty Bites decision, and we are actively encouraging other great natural and organic brands to follow their example and go ALL VEGETARIAN.

Tasty Bites recipes are a mix of the new and the old world - fast and convenient ready-made meals based on centuries-old recipes and ready to eat in just 90 seconds. Tasty Bite can be enjoyed by itself as a quick and easy bite, as a side dish, or as a meal inspiration. They’re popular for camping, school care kits and offer gluten-free options.

Down to Earth carries Tasty Bite’s full line of products, and now that they have become one of our ALL VEGETARIAN preferred brands they will receive even better positioning in our stores and in our Super Saver flyers.

Please buy Tasty Bite products and support this wonderful company!


To visit their website, go to: http://tastybite.com/