A Honolulu Advertiser article today (Wednesday, January 6, 2010) states, "Hawaiian Electric Co. said it has signed a contract for biodiesel produced from animal waste fat and cooking oil to power its new $137 million generating plant at Campbell Industrial Park."

Oh oh, I never thought of this, but soon consumers of electricity on Oahu will be complicit in animal slaughter as "animal waste fat" will be generating the electricity at the new power plant.

"Animal waste fat" is an interesting phrase. Why is it "waste fat", surely the animals whose fat it was didn't feel it was waste fat, presumably they were fine with having the fat; thus it must be "waste" to the slaughterhouses, and converting it to biodiesel to generate electricity allows the animal slaughter industry to increase their profits and reduce their "waste"; usually the waste fat goes into hotdogs and hamburgers, but I guess there is enough of it to power electric plants, including Oahu's new one.

So what is a vegetarian electric consumer to do about the situation? Living in this world is extremely difficult, we become involved in compromising situations at every turn as modern society is truly built on animal slaughter.

Thanks for reading.
Mark Fergusson