Hi everybody! This post is the start of an ongoing review of books about vegetarianism, animal rights and ecology. I’ll choose one book and post about it as I read – keeping a slow pace so we can really get at the heart of the issues raised. These books can be supportive or critical of vegetarianism, classics in the field or new revelations, scientific analysis or personal experience. I am eager to hear your suggestions, and I hope you will read along with me, and add your thoughts to the conversation.

I’ll begin with Jonathan Safran Foer’s recent and marvelous book Eating Animals, because I think it’s unique among most vegetarian literature in that it has a high probability of reaching people who aren’t already vegetarian. His works of fiction – like Everything is Illuminated, which was made into a movie starring Elijah Wood - have brought him critical and mainstream recognition. In addition, Foer mixes research with personal stories and reflections in a style that is engaging and easy to read.

Follow the link below to order a copy from Amazon, and we'll dive in next week.