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Another Alternative

An article in the Honolulu Advertiser today talks about aquaculture in Hawaii, and how various environmental groups are opposed to it on the basis that it is harmful to the environment. Aquaculture is another way of saying a fish factory farm, a large number of fish concentrated together in a small area. The concentrated fish population releases huge amounts of excretment into a very small area of the ocean; antibiotic use by the farmed fish is also a concern, both for native fish populations, and for the human consumers of the fish.

Sims, the President of one of the state's fish farmers, is quoted as saying that ocean aquaculture is a solution to overfishing which is depleting global wild fish populations.  He also says, "We are pioneering something that is very hard, but is really necessary."

As I read it I thought, "Why is this so necessary? Isn't there another solution?  Like, maybe, just stop eating fish!"

Mark Fergusson