Photo: Bamboo Utensil Set

Due to my busy schedule, I am always eating on the go. But I love to eat healthy foods, so I bring food with me everywhere. I drink smoothies in the car, bring homemade lunches to work, pack dinner picnics to the beach, bring snacks to events – you can always find some sort of goodie in my bag. I always try to have good, wholesome food (and chocolate) with me as much as possible so I don’t get tempted to get something unhealthy and regret it later. Eating this way makes me feel better, but it’s also good for my budget. I have always been “budget conscious” (I have been called a “Frugal Fanny”) and eating out all the time is incredibly expensive and wasteful. So along with packing my food, I always carry my super cute and durable bamboo cutlery set, so I’m never without utensils for my meals.  

The utensils are very sturdy, easy to clean, lightweight, and come in a small cute bag making it a breeze to bring them everywhere. I have a set that I always carry in my bag and one in the car for “eating emergencies.” I have also used this bamboo utensil set at restaurants when there are only plastic utensils available. This is just one small step that helps me cut down on waste. Bonus is that I never get splinters from cheap wooden chopsticks. What are other small ways to help reduce waste? Tell us in the comments.