Product Labels Showing Local Favorites

As you plan your Christmas shopping list, consider making a more conscious effort to purchase local presents. You’ll be giving great gifts and supporting your community. Down to Earth works with over 400 local vendors, including more than 100 local farmers, to bring you as many locally grown foods and products as are available. We believe supporting local businesses helps promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in Hawaii. Also, locally made products are just plain amazing because they're made with genuine love and care.

Getting a business off the ground and making it successful is incredibly difficult. We applaud our local creators, thinkers, and dreamers who dare to make a go at it. There’s something special about supporting people who live in your neighborhood, whose kids play with yours on the same soccer team, or maybe they’re your very own relatives and friends. When you decide on gifts, think about your neighbor or co-worker hard at work on their days off perfecting their own special blend of pineapple hot sauce. Or blending together homemade facial scrubs using the honey from their family’s beehive. Buying local products lets your community members know that their efforts and spirit are something to celebrate. This Christmas, give two ways: Give a loved one a local present, and give the gift of support to a local business by buying their product. Look for our "Local Favorites" signs in Down to Earth stores to easily find these fantastic local products. 

Have a Merry (and Local) Christmas! 

Cynthia Cruz