Photo: People Enjoying Music at VegFest Oahu

The second annual VegFest Oahu will be here sooner than you think! With only weeks away, this ultra-fun free community event celebrating plant-based, sustainable living will be quite the hot spot. You can expect amazing food (especially from yours truly!), incredible live entertainment, interesting booths and a diverse group of speakers and chefs covering all kinds of different topics and yummy dishes. Complete list of VegFest events.

Among these great speakers and chefs, there are two that we’re personally excited to see in action. Our very own amazing Team Members, Carmela Wolf and Edgar Edge! Now, you’re probably thinking that of course we have to promote them because they’re part of our team. To be completely honest, even if they weren’t, we’d still be super pumped to see them! Both are extremely well-informed and enthusiastic about Down to Earth’s core values of Local, Fresh, Natural, Organic, and Vegetarian. They’re excited to share all of their experience and wisdom with anyone. Plus, they’ve got enjoyable personalities to boot! You’ll find them to be funny, smart and just delightful people.

For decades Carmela Wolf has shared her knowledge and success of using food as medicine. She has a Masters of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine and postgraduate studies in Nutritional Science, and serves as Down to Earth’s Wellness Department Manager and Nutritionist on Staff. Carmela’s talk at VegFest will be “Eating the Rainbow: How to Use Whole Foods to Optimize Your Health”. She’ll share why you want to eat a variety of foods and how each food color group contributes to your health. Learn more about Carmela Wolf's presentation.

As a life-long vegetarian, Edgar’s chef experience crosses continents that led him to meld tastes and spices from his many travels. Edgar has worked as a vegetarian chef in Canada, England, Thailand, Kenya, Idaho, and now in Hawaii. Edgar joined Down to Earth in 2012 and now holds the dual position of Honolulu Deli Manager and Food Service Director company-wide. Edgar’s contagious enthusiasm has helped propel our deli’s food forward in terms of not only flavor but also innovation. Edgar will be demonstrating two great summer dishes: Butternut Slaw and BBQ Pulled Jackfruit. Learn more about cooking demos by great local chefs.

Carmela and Edgar are both inspiring and incredibly friendly to meet in person so we hope you make some time to say “Hi!” to them at VegFest on September 2nd! See you then!

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