These days, we're all focused on one thing: staying healthy! While proper hygiene practices are definitely important, we can't forget that the foundation for good health and a strong immune system is a healthy diet and lifestyle. Carmela Wolf is our Wellness Department manager at our Honolulu location. Carmela is passionate about eating a rainbow of colorful fruits and veggies as a way of preventing sickness as much as possible.

We're hearing so much about proper hand washing techniques and social distancing. These are so important to reduce the spread of the virus, but not enough is being said about boosting your immune system to make it harder to get sick in the first place. A great way to do this is through nature's medicine—your food! Carmela has a great presentation about eating a rainbow of phytonutrients found in a balanced plant-based lifestyle (download the presentation for free!). Also, eliminating meat, eggs, processed foods and refined sugar from your diet can greatly strengthen your immune system and help your body to stay healthy, regardless of whatever sickness is going around.

Here's how we are doing our part at Down to Earth to flatten the curve