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5 Easy Gifts for Mother's Day

Photo Grid of Gifts for Mother's Day

Not to brag but Down to Earth is pretty popular with Moms

It's probably because we all want the same thing - the best for everyone we care about! This upcoming Mother's Day, instead of the usual brunch or beach day, most of us will be celebrating at home. You can still send Mom, Aunty, Tutu, or any other special moms in your life something they'll enjoy from one of their favorite stores. Order from downtoearth.org/shop and our team will deliver it!

  1. Essential Oils and Diffusors - from relaxation to energizing, there's an essential oil perfect for Mom
  2. Bubble Baths - even if you can't treat Mom to a spa day this year, she can still relax with a bath, a few of her favorite candles and a good book
  3. Salt Lamps - we love a good Salt Lamp! Himalayan salt lamps are decorative lights usually made of pink Himalayan salt and are believed to have various health benefits. Salt lamp users claim that they can enhance your mood, purify and cleanse the air, soothe with your allergies, and help you sleep. Many high-end spas even have salt caves for their patrons.
  4. Chocolate - from sweet milk chocolate to the most intense dark chocolate, we got something organic, fair-trade certified, or local just right for Mom. Plus Dark Chocolate is a yummy source of antioxidants.
  5. Tea - Did you know that Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage, after water, in the world. A good cuppa is great for the body and the soul. We carry so many teas - many of them organic - that are great for any mom. Soothing ginger, calming chamomile, and we have plenty of teas specific for women.

Visit the Down to Earth online shop closest to your mom's address and order away!

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  • Essential OIls
  • Diffuser
  • Bubble Bath
  • Salt Lamp
  • Chocolate
  • Tea
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