DTE Weekly Round-Up (8/20/20) | Down to Earth Organic and Natural

DTE Weekly Round-Up (8/20/20)

See what's new and exciting at all six of our locations.

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Kahului Store

Local Dragonfruit (aka Pitaya) is going OFF at DTE Maui! This mild flavored fruit is nutrient dense and packed with antioxidants and it's just so darn beautiful!


Down to Earth Honolulu

The Honolulu Deli team has some new salads that are seriously delish. Get your greens on with their new Mexican Salad with Lime Dressing and the Vegan Italian Hoagie Keto Salad.


Down to Earth Kakaako

Our team at Kakaako loves bento boxes - convenient and never boring, what's not to like? Try out their new Sandwich/Salad combo like team member favorite, 1/2 BLT + Mandarin Chick'n Salad.


Down to Earth Kailua

It's always pono to have a lot of low-waste alternatives on-hand. DTE Kailua has a really great selection including these ultra cool Out of the Woods Lunch Bags.


Down to Earth Pearlridge

Gardening is more popular than ever and if you're ready to try it out yourself, our Pearlridge team is here to help! They've got a new Gardening Section right in the front of the store to help you get started with some cute stuff for the keiki too.


Down to Earth Kapolei

Aloha UBE donuts! Where have you been all our lives? The Kapolei deli has been perfecting this recipe for some time and it is so worth it! Only available at DTE Kapolei... for now...

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