One-Ingredient Waffles & DIY Cold Brew

Down to Earth: Waffles and Coffee

Have you ever been tasked to coordinate Christmas breakfast? Over the years, I've noticed that Christmas breakfast has gained in popularity and expectations of being magical and cozy. People are talking more and more about their nostalgic Christmas breakfasts from when they were a kid. So how are you supposed to create this magical feast when you're trying to wrangle all the kids and keep track of their presents for thank you cards and keep the cat out of the tree?

I'm here to help you out! I have 2 recipes for you that require little effort and a big payoff. Click the links for recipes or check out the shopping list below.

One-ingredient Cinnamon Waffles

Yes, I did say ONE INGREDIENT. Use this hack if you have less than 10 minutes to produce a glorious Christmas breakfast.

One-Ingredient Cinnamon Waffles Recipe

DIY Cold Brew Coffee

This one will require minimal effort to prep in advance but it is so worth it, plus it pairs really well with your waffles!

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram if you try out these hacks! Wishing you a happy holiday season and a happy new year!

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