The Earth is in Your Hands

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day, fellow humans! Earth Day, marked on April 22, is a beautiful time to reflect on how your life affects our planet, and we’re celebrating the whole month. There are lots of opportunities to show how much you care about our planet – the Earth is in your hands! Choose to live more sustainably and make our Earth a better and healthier place to live:

Go “plogging”

When you’re on a walk or a jog, pick up trash along the way. Don’t forget to wear gloves!

Do some spring cleaning 

Take unwanted items to Goodwill or Salvation Army instead of throwing them away.

Make small household changes that are more climate-positive 

Skip the dryer and hang clothes on a line outside. Set up a composting bin and use it for food scraps. Swap disposable kitchen and bath products for reusable versions. Keep a stash of old shirts and clothes as rags for cleaning to cut down on paper towel waste.

Cultivate a vegetable garden 

One of the best, most sustainable ways to get produce is by growing it yourself. The idea of planting a whole garden of food is a bit intimidating, but herbs are an easy way to start working on your green thumb. Having something at your fingertips that can instantly brighten up a meal makes a big difference. Plus, fresh herbs always come in handy when trying out new recipes. 

Try a new meatless recipe 

Speaking of new recipes, incorporate more vegetarian and vegan meals into your week. Our recipe database is guaranteed to inspire you!

Make your voice heard 

Contact your legislators about issues that are important to you, whether it’s recycling reform, acting on climate change, or something else. Be loud and proud on social media! Tell others why conservation and sustainability matter. 

The future of the Earth depends on us. Let’s work together to support a healthy planet!