In Appreciation of Wonderful Water!

Photo: Inside a wave

How wonderful is water? Our islands are surrounded by some of the most beautiful ocean waters in the world. Every living being depends on pure, fresh water to survive. The plants that fuel our bodies and can give us health need clean water for growth, too. Let’s take some time this week in honor of World Water Day to express our heartfelt appreciation for water!

Photo: Mountain stream

World Water Day is observed each year on March 22nd to promote the responsible use and access to safe water for everyone. The theme for 2024 is “Water for Peace”. Water can create peace or spark conflict. When water is scarce or polluted, or when people struggle for access, tensions arise. By cooperating on water, we can balance everyone’s water needs and help stabilize the world. Longevity and peace rely on clean water for all.

Here in Hawaii, clean water is essential for the sustainability of our communities, farmland, and vegetation. Fresh water flows into the ocean so whatever contaminants enter our streams will eventually end up there. This is why growing organically is so important. Conventionally farmed land produces run-off with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and eroded soil. Supporting local organic growers by choosing their goods in our stores really makes a difference! The purity of our water, the cleanliness of our ocean, and the health and longevity of our communities are all threatened by chemical agriculture.

Photo: Woman drinking a glass of water

Finally, in commemorating fresh, clean water, don’t forget to get your fill of it! The latest scientifically backed advice is that men should drink 15.5 cups a day and women should get in 11.5 cups. Our stores offer purified and alkaline water dispensers for refilling your containers. Alkaline water is believed to be able to neutralize acid in your bloodstream, and may help prevent disease, such as cancer and heart disease.

Photo: Waves

There are other ways to promote your health around water too—get in it! Ocean swimming has many wellness benefits including boosting your immune system, relieving stress, and reducing inflammation. Studies have shown that just spending time in or near the ocean can promote overall good health. For the love of water, drink it, dive in it, gaze at it, and protect it. Our wellness and sustainability today and for future generations depends on it!