Love your liver!

Love your liver

Within our bodies, we have a vital cone-shaped and dark reddish-brown colored organ. Although it may only weigh about 3 pounds, it takes on a hefty role in our bodies, helping with food digestion, ridding the body of waste products, and creating clotting factors to help keep the blood flowing, amongst other things.

There are many factors that could potentially damage the liver which include, but aren’t limited to, viruses, alcohol use, and obesity. Unfortunately, good looks in the family aren’t the only gene that can be passed down. Liver disease can also be passed down genetically. So, it’s important to take charge of your liver health; over time the conditions that cause liver damage could lead to scarring or liver failure, a life-threatening condition. But hey! Let’s not focus on the negatives. Let’s take on the perspective of the glass already being half full. Most liver disease cases could be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes so, instead of relying on treatment, let’s focus on preventative care.

How do you show your liver some love? Here are a few tips:

  • Refraining from alcohol is best but, if you choose to drink, do so in moderation. For healthy adults, that looks like up to one drink for women and up to two for men. How about pauhana without the hangover? Check out some of our delicious non-alcoholic beverages in-store, like our Clever Mojito- truly a premium non-alcoholic delicious mocktail. Feel free to add fresh mint leaves, yum! Or try the Sober Carpenter Blonde Ale-kick back, relax, and enjoy this non-alcoholic beer that’s crisp and refreshing.
  • Be careful with medications. Only take meds as prescribed and directed by your doctor. Never mix meds and alcohol!
  • Don’t share personal hygiene items. Personal items can contain blood or body fluids that can become contaminated. In this case, sharing is not caring! Malama your liver and keep your personal items for yourself.
  • Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly. It doesn’t have to be intense exercise but try at least taking a stroll in the lovely sunshine and absorbing all the natural vitamin D straight from the source.
  • Eat a balanced diet. Obesity can cause fatty liver disease and so we’d highly suggest choosing plant-based foods. Try creating a colorful plate full of wholesome protein from beans or legumes, salad greens, veggies, or fruits. Creating a fun and colorful rainbow on your plate is not only visually appealing but wholesome for your liver and body as a whole.
  • Keep your food safe and always wash your hands before preparing meals. We offer many eco-friendly soaps for washing your hands before preparing your food and eating. While washing, sing the Happy Birthday tune twice or the ABC’s once through. You’ll be clean and time will fly on by.
  • Avoid toxins. Harsh chemicals can be absorbed through our skin and damage our liver health. Shop our stores to grab earth-friendly products with you and your ohana’s greatest wellness in mind!

In a nutshell, not all liver diseases can be prevented, but let’s take pre-cautions to lessen those risks. Always touch base with your doctor for any medical consultations. Lastly, it’s important to be mindful when going about our daily routines and consciously making decisions to malama our liver. We only have one body, and we should kindly choose to show our aloha and gratitude for all that it does for us daily. Be well!



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