Living a sustainable lifestyle has always been a part of me, especially because of having grown up in Santa Cruz, California. I grew up being told that sustainability is so important because every action we make affects our future… and I couldn’t agree more.

Shopping sustainably has never been easier! There are so many things you can do. For example, go to your local farmers market, buy groceries with the least amount of packaging, bring your own bags and containers, buy from our bulk section to save money and cut packaging that otherwise would go to the landfill, and purchase organically grown products. Luckily, here at Down to Earth we will be making it easier for you to shop sustainably.  This month we'll be intalling a new HowGood shelf tag system that lets you easily identify the best products based on sustainability, social impact, and environmental friendliness.  Read all about it in this newsletter, "New Down to Earth Price Tags to Rate Products' Sustainability."

Happy shopping!​

Shannon Green
Marketing & Administrative Assistant
Down to Earth