Down to Earth Honolulu has been Refreshed!

Photo: Waterfall mural with Down to Earth sign

Down to Earth is excited to announce that we've given our Honolulu (King St.) store a fabulous refresh!

Our Honolulu store was our first store on O'ahu in 1977 and it's been more than just a store for us - it's been a gathering spot, a community hub, and a slice of aloha for so many. We decided it was time to sprinkle a little bit of magic and give it a fresh, new vibe.

The transformation is stunning:

  • Dalani Tanahy's Kapa Art: Vibrant, cultural graphics from a gifted local artist, infusing Hawaiian tradition into every corner.
  • New Paint, Lights & Wooden Decor: A fresh coat of paint both inside and outside and lots of new brighter lights combined with warm wooden accents.
  • Eye-Catching Signage: Big, bold, new signs.
  • Manoa Falls Mural: A gorgeous wall mural capturing the essence of Manoa Falls and its lush surroundings.

Drop by to experience our newly revamped store!

Photo: Deli wall

Photo: Produce aisle

Photo: Wellness department

Photo: Honolulu storefront with window decals