GMO trees pose new threat to the environment!

The biotechnology firm ArborGen has asked the USDA for permission to conduct 29 field trials of genetically engineered "cold tolerant" eucalyptus trees in the U.S. For the first time in history, this massive experiment, which is on the verge of being green-lighted, will literally be using nature as the laboratory to test more than 260,000 genetically engineered trees. Scientists across the U.S. are voicing concerns over this proposal.

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Kailua 4th of July Parade - "You eat what?"

Today Down to Earth participated in the Kailua 4th of July parade. This year, along with our cow, we had a great banner with a cow asking "You eat what?" This was a big hit and we will have this new design on t-shirts soon. Our "30% Off Guiltless Grilling Sale" was also a big hit with lots of customers stocking up on meatless sausages for their July 4 BBQs.

Thanks for shopping at Down to Earth.

Mark Fergusson

Purity of federal 'organic' label at risk

The purity of federal 'Organic' label is questioned in a Washington Post article by Kimberly Kindy and Lyndsey Layton. Three years ago, U.S. Department of Agriculture employees determined that synthetic additives in organic baby formula violated federal standards and should be banned from a product carrying the federal organic label. Today the same additives, purported to boost brainpower and vision, can be found in 90 percent of organic baby formula.

Risk factors for preventable death

According to a Harvard University study of 2005 data, tobacco smoking ranked as the highest risk factor with 436,000 to 500,000 attributed preventable deaths, followed by high blood pressure (372,000 to 414,000), obesity (188,000 to 237,000), physical inactivity (164,000 to 222,000), high blood glucose (163,000 to 217,000), high LDL cholesterol (94,000 to 124,000) and high salt intake (97,000 to 107,000).

The other risk factors were alcohol use; low polyunsaturated fatty acids; low fruits and vegetables intake and alcohol use.

Eat vegetarian and live longer according to Greek study

A study of the eating habits of 23,000 Greeks over nearly a decade has found that the most beneficial part of following the "Mediterranean diet" is the consumption of large quantities of vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and olive oil. The following article can be found at: WEDNESDAY, June 24 (HealthDay News) -- Some components of a Mediterranean diet may be more vital to good health than others, a new report suggests. Not all items on the Mediterranean diet are equally beneficial, study shows

High levels of EMF or electro-magnet fields in hybrids and full electric vehicles

An interesting comment was posted on my blog post "Electric cars, are they the best way to reduce greenhouse gases?" The reader commented: "Independent studies have shown high levels of EMF or electro-magnet fields in hybrids and full electric vehicles. Conventional gas vehicles are actually better for our health then we think. EMF is known to have side effects from long term exposures."

Making wieners is also contributing to making H1N1 swine flu

Interesting tweet from someone following Downtoearthfood on Twitter: "making wieners is also contributing to making H1N1 swine flu". As I reported in my blog post "Swine flu linked to modern factory farming of pigs" of June 22, evidence suggests that swine flu has come from pig factory farms. The horrendous conditions that animals live under in factory farms makes them incubators for disease.

Love Life! Love animals, don't eat them!

Mark Fergusson

Oh yeah, our July 2nd (this Thursday) 30% off Guiltless Grilling Sale will be great!

HappyinHawaii and Veghead are excited about our July 2 (i.e. this Thursday) 30% off Guiltless Grilling Sale! And they should be, we have 30% off all the products you need for your 4th of July grill, and not only that, as with everything at Down to Earth, these products are all vegetarian, so no need to worry about eating any nasty slaughtered animal products while you have a great grill to celebrate the 4th of July!

July 2nd 30% Off Guiltless Grilling Sale

The following is our press release about Thursday's 30% Off Guiltless Grilling Sale - hope to see you there: Down to Earth July 2nd 30% Off Guiltless Grilling Sale Love Life! Save Money! Honolulu (June 29, 2009) – Down to Earth will hold a “Guiltless Grilling Sale” this Thursday July 2nd in which customers will get at least 30% off of more than 100 items for a vegetarian picnic. The sale has been timed to make it easier for vegetarians, friends of vegetarians, and those interested in a vegetarian lifestyle to be able to celebrate Independence Day with a vegetarian cookout.