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How to Avoid Gaining Weight at Christmas

Winter is here and holiday treats are on their way in abundance. During this time, it is not uncommon to worry about the numbers on the bathroom scale gradually increasing. So, this season do not let your weakness for Christmas cookies and pumpkin pie get the better of you by following a few suggestions to help you stay healthy

  • A vegetarian diet is the best place to start. By sticking to a vegetarian diet, you will avoid a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol.

    Down to Earth's Christmas Gift Giving Guide

    This year, you can make it a special Christmas with a gift from Down to Earth. We have something to please just about anyone. Here are some great gift ideas that will delight your loved ones... Merry Christmas!

    Recent Studies Show Chemicals from Plastic Found in Humans

    Each day, humans are unknowingly exposed to a veritable cocktail of chemical compounds, some of which we know very little about and many of which are potentially hazardous to our health and the health of our children.

    Understanding Celiac Disease

    According to a study by the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, celiac disease potentially affects 1 in every 133 people in the United States and is one of the most under-diagnosed common diseases today.

    The Benefits of Essential Fatty Acids

    Proper nutrition and weight loss are both hot topics in society today. It is important to be aware that weight loss does not necessarily translate into proper nutrition. Many individuals believe that in order to lose weight, one must eliminate fat from the diet.

    How to Avoid and Cope with the flu

    Flu season is upon us once again, and with the combination of a flu vaccine shortage and upcoming holiday travel, it is worth taking a look at the causes, preventions, and remedies of this contagious and potentially dangerous illness.

    Preparing for the Avian Flu

    Experts say that the avian flu or bird flu could become a pandemic at some time in the near future, affecting people world-wide. There are precautions that each person should take to protect themselves now before the bird flu becomes a grave issue.

    Adopting a Plant-based Diet, One Step at a Time

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    The single most important thing an individual can do for their health, for the environment, and for the sake of the innocent animals is to adopt a vegetarian diet.

    Adopting a Healthy Diet

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    Recent research from the University of Hawai'i has linked the consumption of processed meats to cancer. The American Cancer Society offers these Guidelines for Nutrition and Physical Activity to reduce the risk of cancer.