Celebrate a Turkey-free Thanksgiving

As we plan menus for this year's Thanksgiving dinner, consider that a vegetarian lifestyle awakens our spirit of compassion and guides us towards a kinder, gentler society in which we exercise a moral choice to protect animals—not exploit them.

So why not celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving with a turkey-free dinner? Each year, over 5 million turkeys are raised under horrible conditions and then slaughtered for holiday feasting. What a great opportunity to protect animals, by reducing so much pain and suffering. Just skip the buzzard!

Hanging On to New Year's Resolutions

by Angie Smith

Every year around January 1st, millions of people vow to get healthy, lose weight, or quit some bad habit. The motivation to make a change for the better comes on strong, but usually fizzles out before you can even make it into the ballpark of your goal. So, how can you make a resolution stick? Many experts say that it can be done one step at a time.

Gearing up to Stay Cool

by Tracy Rohland

Summer is here. That means long days at the beach, hikes in the mountains, family get-togethers, outdoor parties and plenty of fun and sun. Unfortunately, summertime can also mean sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke if you are not careful. But with a little forethought and planning before you head outdoors, you can avoid some of these common mishaps and make the most of your summer.

A New Year’s Resolution: Go Vegetarian!

by Mark Fergusson, Down To Earth CEO

As we fast approach Christmas and the New Year, we are reminded that this is a time of compassion and good will and yet another opportunity for the resolve to improve our lives. Every January many customers come in to our stores looking for products that support New Year’s resolutions to achieve better health. As always, and in the spirit of compassion, we encourage them to adopt a healthier diet and lifestyle and consider the idea of going vegetarian or eating less meat. Why?

This Christmas, Choose Peace

by Michael Bond

During this Christmas holiday I am reminded of the wise, time-honored lesson “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Christmas is meant to be a time of compassion, “peace on earth”, and good will towards others. Having sympathy for the suffering of others, and caring enough to want to help them is a quality we should all strive for. Not just at Christmas time. All the time.

Being Thankful - Being Vegetarian

by Michael Bond

With Thanksgiving Day growing near, those who are following a vegetarian diet have much to be thankful for. You can be thankful for your overall good health, derived from your healthy diet choices. More specifically, you can be thankful for your healthy heart, clear arteries, and lower cholesterol that can be credited to a plant-based diet. You can be thankful that you have lowered your risk for heart disease, colon cancer, strokes, diabetes, and a number of other life threatening conditions.

Greening Your Holidays through Compassion

by Michele McKay

The holiday season is all about goodwill – expressing love with gifts, enjoying special time with family and community, demonstrating caring toward others. In a word, it’s about compassion. And what better way to turn compassion into practice than with the kindness of cruelty-free vegetarian holiday meals? Your goodwill in choosing vegetarian fare will bring you a ‘green’ bonus: the compassion you show for other living beings will extend directly into compassionate action and benefit to the Earth!

Summertime Kokua

by Michele McKay

Summer is a great time to enjoy Hawaii’s beautiful mountains, beaches, and surf! Hiking, biking, snorkeling, swimming, wave riding, barbequing… whatever your pleasure, enjoy the outdoors with kokua, in a way that won’t harm people, animals or the environment.