5 Steps to build a Healthier Smoothie

by Sabra Leomo, RD

Summer is here!  As the temperatures rise, break out the blender to cool yourself off!

Smoothies can make quick, healthy meals or snacks, and they can keep you cool when the sun is blazing. Summer is also a busy time and portable, healthy meals and snacks are in demand for all members of your family. Unfortunately, when you are out and about picking up a conventional smoothie can be a sugar and calorie-filled disappointment. Learn how to beat the heat and create your own healthy smoothies with these 5 tips:

Resolutions for Life

by Sabra Leomo, RD

How many years has your New Year’s Resolution been to lose weight? If year after year you make the same resolution, try incorporating these 10 tips based on behavior and nutrition into your weight loss plan.

10 Tips for Healthier Holiday Parties

by Sabra Leomo, RD

‘Tis the season for holiday parties which usually include seasonal treats. With all of the extra treats, the average American gains one pound over the holiday season. This may not seem like much, but considering that most Americans don’t ever lose that pound, it can add up over the years. Healthy eating habits don’t have to be put to the side this holiday season. Here are 10 easy tips to make holiday parties healthier.

Spice Up Your Holiday Cooking

by Sabra Leomo, RD

Is there anything quite so comforting as the smells and flavors that come with holiday baking and cooking? Herbs and spices play a major role in fragrant and delicious holiday food. Beyond the smells and flavors, herbs and spices provide amazing health benefits that make them stars of the holiday season.

Recipe for a Compassionate Christmas

by Down to Earth

With political turmoil and heightened emotions causing so much anxiety these days, it will be good to pause for a moment and think about how you want to enter this year’s Christmas season.  What positive experiences do you want and what can you do to make that happen?  Lessons handed down by spiritual leaders for millenniums ring true today as ever before.  Enter this year’s Christmas season with a spirit of love and compassion—indeed “good will.”  We love it when we are treated in this way, and we know it is what makes this time of year so special.  Why not pass it forward?

Mother’s Day Gifts from the Heart

by Down to Earth

When we think of Mother’s Day gifts, we usually think about what to buy. This year, consider making something. Handmade gifts are the best, and moms love them because they come from the heart. 

So then, what to make? When we were kids, mommas would take care of our every need. They would feed us, dress us, hug us and kiss us. They bathed us as babies and made sure our skin was properly cared for. They checked us for chafing and anomalies, and made sure the products they used were gentle and right for our skin. We were happy!