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Your Guide to a Vegan Holiday Charcuterie Board

| Healthy Eating
Photo: Vegetables and dip

With the holidays approaching, it has me reminiscing on past gatherings and traditions. While this year’s holidays may look a bit different, it doesn’t mean we have to forgo every detail that makes these times so special to us.

A Quick Guide to Vegan Substitutes

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Photo: Nut milk and nuts

There are hundreds of vegan alternatives to animal products. Check out some swaps and recipes here!

Healthy Back-to-school: In the lunch box!

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Healthy Lunches

A great way to boost your keiki's health and immunity is to make sure they are eating nutritious foods, at home and at school. Packing a lunch for your child allows you to have some control over what he or she is eating at school and keeps your child from having to buy school lunches.

The Best Strategies to Boost your Immune System

| Health & Wellness

Our Down to Earth Wellness Teams have put together their favorite immune system boosting tips to share with you!

7 Natural Immune-boosting, Germ-fighting Essentials for Keiki

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Photo: Girls Whispering

It's officially back to school time! Besides the usual pencils, folders, and rulers, relieve any worries you have about keeping your keiki well by adding natural immune-boosting and germ-fighting tools to your shopping list.

Father's Day Gift Guide

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Welcome to our Father's Day gift guide! We know it can be tough to shop for the dads in our life sometimes, so we put together a few tried-and-true favorites that are sure to please!

Local Produce at Down to Earth

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Photo: Taro

For over 40 years, we have made it a top priority to offer local products to our customers.

Memorial Day Recipe Roundup

| Healthy Eating

The season of backyard barbecues and beach cookouts is upon us! But what do you do if you're plant-based? Attending these events can be daunting—will there be something for you to eat? Will the other guests be understanding of your decision?

Local Products in Wellness

| Local Living

We might be a little biased but we love local! As a kamaʻāina company since 1977, we supprt local for many reasons:  it strengthens our economy, supports community groups, creates more jobs for our community, puts our taxes to good use, and encourages local prosperity.

Made From Scratch at Down to Earth

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At Down to Earth Organic & Natural, we pride ourselves on creating delicious vegetarian dishes using local, fresh, and organic ingredients. Our deli offers an extensive range of appetizing dishes and fresh ingredients.