Gifts of Wellness from the Sea

Photo: Ocean Wave

Our ocean friend, that surrounds these beautiful islands, gives us many gifts:

Cleaner Air - Air near the sea has more negative ions, which have been proven to elevate serotonin, a mood regulator, and boost natural energy levels.

Vitamin D - People who live near water absorb more vitamin D, which is needed for healthy bones and teeth, and can also reduce inflammation and support our immune system.

Photo: Surfers

Lower Blood Pressure & Better Overall Health - Being near the beach not only feels relaxing, but it’s also actually physiologically calming and can lower blood pressure. Spending time regularly in or near the ocean, or in “blue space”, as scientists sometimes refer to it, is clearly health promoting. There’s a strong correlation between beach life and exercise; people who spend time near the ocean are more likely to walk, run, swim, or surf. Also, moving your body in water, along with breathing in the cleaner air, is highly beneficial.

Better Moods- Simply looking at the ocean promotes dopamine production, a feel-good hormone connected to happiness. So, when you’re feeling down, make some time to just gaze at the ocean for a proven mood boost!

Photo: Seaweed Salad and Chopsticks

Besides spending time at the beach and admiring the ocean’s beauty, we can also derive many benefits from eating the gifts of wellness from the sea. As a plant-based store, we’re not promoting eating fish but rather different forms of 'ono seaweed.

Seaweed, or sea vegetables, have antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and E. Most seaweed is an excellent source of iodine and tyrosine, which helps promote healthy thyroid function.

Photo: Vegetarian Sushi

The proteins in some seaweeds, such as spirulina and chlorella, have all the essential amino acids. Seaweed can also be a good source of omega-3 fats and vitamin B12. Additionally, seaweed has a lot of fiber which can help with good gut health. Some scientific studies have shown that seaweed has anti-obesity effects and may help reduce body fat.

With so many reasons to add seaweed to your diet, check out some of our favorite products* from Down to Earth’s shelves, plus some great recipes here:

Photo: Olokai Sea Asparagus Package

If you haven't tried this yet, put it on your Down to Earth shopping list for today! Olokai Sea Asparagus is a local Kahuku product that is nutrient dense, organic, non-GMO, and tastes ocean fresh. 

Photo: Down to Earth Team Member Showing Seaweed Products

You can find a wide range of seaweed products in just about every section of our stores, like Emerald Cove Nori-perfect for making your own sushi, salads, or simply a nutritious snack. Irish Sea Moss Gel is a popular dietary supplement that is high in minerals such as iodine, potassium, and calcium, and is a good source of hydration and hydrocolloids. 

Don't forget to stop by our delis for some grab 'n go goodness from the sea, too. Our tofu musubi and nori rolls are some of our most loved items.

Photo: Down to Earth's Tofu Musubi

*Product availability may vary by store location. Call ahead to check on current in-store stocks.

You can also enjoy the health benefits of seaweed from home with these plant-based recipes: