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Fighting Food Waste: Individuals Take Action

Photo: Woman Eating a Salad

Let’s talk about food waste. I will be completely honest--I am writing this article for my benefit as well as yours. I am definitely guilty of contributing to the food waste problem and need a little push to make changes.

Navigating the Non-dairy Milk Aisle

Photo: Cashew Milk

Gone are the days of the only non-dairy milk options being soy or rice milk. More and more people are drinking non-dairy milk because of personal preferences and allergies and intolerances to cow’s milk.

Does Corn Count as a Vegetable?

Photo: Corn in field

People are often surprised to hear that the corn they are eating with meals doesn’t really count as a vegetable, or may be hindering their weight loss goals. If you are included in that group of people, let’s chat.

Prebiotics: No Guts, No Glory

Photo: Asparagus

Probiotics receive a lot of attention and buzz for their role in promoting healthy digestion and supporting the immune system. It is likely that you already consume foods rich in probiotics or take supplements that contain probiotics to receive the health benefits.

Nutrition Trends 2019: What are Meso-Nutrients?

Photo: Blueberries

As a dietitian I like to follow food and diet trends to see what is popular because it helps me understand what people are hearing about and trying. During the past few years counting “macros” or macronutrients became popular.

Beyond the Nutrition Facts Label: Ingredients Matter

Photo: Packaged Food on Down to Earth Shelf

There is no denying that reading the Nutrition Facts Label is important when you are shopping for food.

Put Some Spring In Your Step: Natural Energy Boosters

Photo: Glass of Water

Spring is officially here on March 20th. If you notice that you are dragging in the morning or you find yourself exhausted and having a hard time focusing after lunch try these natural energy boosters to add some “spring” to your step:

Fall in Love with Avocados

Photo: Avocado

It is only fitting that February is American Heart Month. With Valentine’s Day being celebrated in February, hearts receive a lot of attention. The most important heart, the one beating in our chest, definitely deserves some extra attention.

How to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet and Still Have a Sweet Life

Photo: Sugars

Most people consume more sugar than they realize. The obvious sources of added sugar are candy, cookies, and pastries as well as sugar-sweetened beverages like juice, soda, and sports drinks.

Managing Food Cravings

Photo: Sugar Cookies

We have all been there—it’s the middle of the day or after winding down after dinner and you just can’t stop thinking about a certain food. Food cravings can be intense; the very definition of a craving is a strong desire.