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Pep Up Your Fall Recipes with Pepitas

Photo: Pumpkin Seeds

Fall is here and pumpkin-flavored dishes are everywhere!  We talk about roasted pumpkin, pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup and the cherished Thanksgiving treat…pumpkin pie.

Plant-Based Diets: Current Research Supports its Vast Health Benefits

Photo: Veggie Kebabs

How many people do you know are enjoying plant-based diets? Plant-based diets (PBD) have continued to gain popularity and awareness over the past few years.

Four Tips to Fuel Your Workout

Photo: Young women smiling in a exercise room taking a brake

Making the right choices to fuel your body doesn’t have to be difficult. There is an abundance of information available about what, when, and how to eat to fuel your workouts.

5 Tips for Back to School Sleep

Photo: Child lying down in bed

Are your kids prepared to go back to school? Summer is winding down and school is on everyone’s mind. Prepping for back to school usually involves new clothes, shoes, and school supplies but often we don’t think about prepping for a back to school sleep schedule. Going to bed late and sleeping in may have become your child’s summer sleep pattern. While that schedule works for lazy summer days, when school starts up again being well-rested is incredibly important for a successful school year. Children that are well-rested have fewer behavior issues and are able to focus better in school. Face it, we all get cranky when we are tired. To help you get your kids on track for the school year, here are 5 sleep tips.

5 Steps to build a Healthier Smoothie

Photo: Blending a juice smoothie

Summer is here!  As the temperatures rise, break out the blender to cool yourself off!

Smoothies can make quick, healthy meals or snacks, and they can keep you cool when the sun is blazing. Summer is also a busy time and portable, healthy meals and snacks are in demand for all members of your family. Unfortunately, when you are out and about picking up a conventional smoothie can be a sugar and calorie-filled disappointment. Learn how to beat the heat and create your own healthy smoothies with these 5 tips:

Nutrition for Nourished Skin

Photo: Woman applying moisturizer to her face

As temperatures get warmer and summer clothes are worn on a daily basis, healthy glowing skin becomes the ultimate accessory. Slathering ourselves in skincare products is often the first line of defense when trying to achieve skin health.

Heart to Heart - 5 Tips for Women’s Heart Health

Photo: Child and Mother holding a Red Heart

Is there anything quite as warm and wonderful as a mother’s heart? Whether you are a Mom, Aunty, Sister, Grandma or a caring friend, as females we tend to take care of those around us. While caring for others we often don’t have the time or energy to make our own health a priority.

Food for the Future: Local and Sustainable Food

Photo: Locally Grown Bananas on Oahu

Think about the last thing that you ate. Do you know where it originated? For most of us, the answer would be “no”.

Whole Foods vs Processed Foods

Healthy food selection of fruit vegetables and grains

What do you think of when I ask about whole foods? The whole foods that I am referring to are foods that are in their natural state with little or no processing and no artificial ingredients. Like many things, food falls on a spectrum. At one end you have the healthiest options such as whole foods and at the other end are highly processed foods. Let’s take a look at what types of foods fall along the spectrum and how to find balance along the way.

Whole Grain Oats and Heart Health

Photo: Bowl of Oatmeal with Bananas

What if I told you that your kitchen cabinet may hold an amazing heart-healthy ingredient? If it isn’t in your cabinet already, this ingredient is easy and accessible to buy. Oats, yes oatmeal, packs a punch of heart-healthy benefits.